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TJ Rehmi  &  Kuljit Bhamra

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Bhangra is the cultural folk music from Punjab, its roots can be traced back to the 1400's. The dancing to Bhangra is traditionlly associated with the harvest festival of Bhaisakhi where farmers celebrated the fruits of their labour. Today however, Bhangra is no longer restricted to Punjab. The upbeat contagious rhythms of this melody of punjabi heritage have spread themselves to nearly every land with extreme energy and popularity. With the heart pounding beats of the dhol, Bhangra is an uncontrollable pandemonium on dance floors around the globe. The rhythmic beat of the dhol makes even the most humble want to jump out in excitement and wave their arms like they just dont care. Bhangra is slowly, but surely becoming an epidemic of popular dance and without the inclusion of it, there is no party!!!


TJ Rehmi

 Artist: TJ Rehmi
 Album: The Warm Chill
 Release Date: February 3, 2004
 Label: Real World Works and  Dharma Moon


TJ Rehmi, accomplished musician, composer and producer from Birmingham, England began his career playing with local Jazz and Reggae bands. As the Bhangra scene began to build momentum in the mid 1980's, TJ was in the mix, touring with such influential UK Bhangra bands as A.S. Kang, Pardesi, Achanak, Azaad and Chirag Pechan in addition to studio production and session work with many top acts.In the 90's, TJ began writing and producing his own music to round out his performing career. TJ's first E.P., The Fusionist came out on Nation records in 1996. His distinctive use of Drum & Bass beats mixed with his unique style brought about a following in Europe that lead to the release of his second EP, Skrutinizer in 1997, followed by four albums on Nation and Shakti Records. TJ also started remixing songs for such labels as Real Records, Urgent Records, OSA and Six Degrees. Tracks from his albums have appeared on numerous compilations including the "Asian Chill" (Manteca) and "VIP Lounge" (George V Records) CD's. ¡°The Warm Chill¡±, his fifth full-length, is an innovative blend of electronic breakbeats and eastern melodies fused with chill guitar. This album will take you through a myriad of moods, incorporating drum and bass against an exotic chill out soundscape

¡°Rehmi has managed to create a piece of work that redefines the very essence of what a Chill album, and a Brit Asian album should be ¡¦ TJ has always made electronica emotional, but this time he made his studio weep.¡±
~ Bobby Friction D.J./ BBC Radio1




Kuljit Bhamra


Award winning bhangra record producer, composer, virtuoso tabla and percussion player, fusing bhangra dance beats and Hindi film tunes into British and Asian jazz/pop, with band of up to 9 musicians.


Kuljit Bhamra is a virtuoso tabla player, composer and record producer. He is one of the most influential musicains working behind the scenes in British Asian music. He has composed, produced and recorded more than 700 songs to date - many of which have been international hits on the Asian music circuit. His most successful projects known to Western audiences is his work on the soundtrack music for the award-winning film ¡®Bhaji On The Beach¡¯ and his drumming work on the film ¡®A Little Princess¡¯.


Since 1986, Kuljit has been presented with the following awards:-

1986 Asian Pop Awards - Best Musical Director

1987 Asian Pop Awards - Best Musical Director

1987 Platinum Disc for record sales

1988 Two Gold Discs for record sales

1989 The Mrs Kaur Trophy - Top Musical Director

1992 Nominated for Men Of Achievement Award

1993 The Music Industry Accolade UK - Most Consistent and Prolific Producer

1996 The Movie International Appreciation Award 1995/1996


Kuljit has over 15 years¡¯ experience performing and presenting concerts to audiences in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and around the world.


The Kuljit Bhamra band consists of up to eight musicians from different cultural backgrounds, performing a varied repertoire of music styles including Bhangra, Hindi Film music, Latin American, Western Classical & Western Pop. The band frequently perform with Bhangra dancers.


Music Education Projects - The exact content of workshops can be tailored to suit requirements. Lecture Demonstrations by Kuljit cover the various styles of Indian music including Ghazals, North Indian Classical, Hindi Film music, Bhajans, Qawalis, Bhangra, Hindi Pop and British Asian Fusion.


¡°Born to the Bhangra Beat¡± - Daily Telegraph

¡°Introducing Bhangra to a non-Asian public¡± - The Times

¡°One of the most prolific and dedicated Asian music producers to come out of Britain¡± - London Asian Guardian

¡°He has been able to blend both Eastern and Western music without sacrificing the roots of either¡± - Asian Times


Kuljit is currently an on-stage musician Andrew Lloyd Webber's Bombay Dreams.





Where's That Music Coming Form?

What is your favorite type of music? Do you know anything about its history? Over the years, as people have moved or traveled, they have taken with th em the music of their cultures-Celtic folk from Ireland and the U.K., flamenco from Spain, or bhangra from India. As a result, a lot of today's popular music has its roots in the traditional songs and rhythms heard in various sountries around the world.

For decades, nusicians have adapted traditional musical styles to make them more appealing to the masses. Bob Marley made reggae, previously unique to Jamaica, popular around the world in the 1970s and 1980s, with hits like No Woman. No Cry. Now, one can hear this laid-back rhythm on beaches across the globe.

Bhangra, a traditional music originally plated to celebrate harvests or weddings in Indian villages, was brought to the U.K. by Indian immigrants. It became popular in the 1980s as the Indian immigrant population grew. This lively, energetic, drum-based beat has been mixed with other musical genres such as jazz, house, and rock. Bhangra influence can now be heard on dance floors in cities like London and Singapore, where a high percentage of the population comes from Indian immigrant families.





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